beringer bold and balancedThe quest for the best of the cheap continues. This one is not the best of anything but it has its virtues.

Black cherry and mint on the simple, low intensity,  yet pleasant nose. But the palate is thin and tart. It is dry with a nice acidic bite but the fruit falls of a cliff. Refreshing but meager with a short, acid-driven finish and underlying soft tannins. There is nothing bold about this and its only balanced on the edge of a precipice. Happily, it doesn’t have the faux opulence of some cheap wines—no candied fruit, bubblegum perfume, or chocolate/vanilla pretense. Too spare and austere for many but if you’re tired of bluster and bluff on the bottom shelf this might be your wine.

Something quiet and austere. Here is the great Nina Simone: I Want a Little Sugar in my Bowl

Score: 82

Price: $5

Alc: 13%