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artesa chardArtesa is one of my favorite Napa area wineries. Their Carneros location is gorgeous—you can see San Pablo Bay on a clear day—and their reserve and limited release wines are always worth tasting.  The larger production Signature series is usually consistent and well done. It was an Artesa Pinot Noir that piqued my interest in wine. So I had my usual high expectations when opening this bottle. I was a little disappointed in this 2011 Chardonnay.

intriguing smoke, grilled pineapple and apple sauce aromas of medium intensity waft from the glass.  An enticing nose with enough complexity to hold your interest.  The full-bodied palate is creamy with a little butter, balanced with robust acidity leading to a medium length finish, lightly graced with hazelnuts. Unfortunately the finish turns sour and is disjoint, diminishing the experience. All’s well that ends well; it it doesn’t end well, well….

This one’s a little bittersweet like Ani DiFranco’s Allergic to Water

Score: 88

Price: $18

Alc: 13.8%

Half of the wine was aged in French Oak, 30% new.