Budget Wine: Trader Joe’s Coastal Cabernet Sauvignon Central Coast 2013

trader joes cabernetWhen I pick up a wine for $5 I always expect the worst and I’m seldom disappointed. There is something to be said for not being disappointed.

This time is a minor exception. Black cherry and generic berry notes with some earth and wood in the background so its smells like wine but there is no intensity or life—you have to hunt for the aromas. On the palate, the opening is juicy but the flavor drops off sharply. Very diluted, low viscosity and a short oaky finish, very light on the palate for a Cabernet. Low acidity, low tannins, low viscosity, medium minus intensity. I can tell it’s not water because of the color. Given that most wines at this price are dreadful, this innocuous bottle represents reasonable QPR.

Agreeable and inoffensive, but without any mark of distinction, this is the Micheal Bublé of wines.

But for $5 what do you expect—Sinatra?


Style: Smooth, low intensity

Score: 82

Price: $5 at Trader Joe’s

Alc: 13.5%

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