Budget Wine: Drytown Cellars Red on Red NV Amador County

drytown cellarsChocoholics will like this. A seam of chocolaty essence wanders through the nose and palate melding nicely with blueberry and spice, though with a whiff of alcohol that is occasionally distracting. Medium body and lively in the mouth with good balance, a burst of mid-palate acidity makes this a versatile food wine. The tannins are dry but soft, yielding a medium length finish with more lingering chocolate notes.

This is what a budget wine should be—pleasant, comforting, nothing too loud or complicated but assertive with plenty of life. Highly recommended as a daily drinker. The winery website says nothing about the varietals that make up the blend. I strongly suspect it is Zinfandel with some Cabernet Sauvignon to add length to the finish.


Score: 87

Price: $10

Alc 14.5%

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