carnivorInky with purple hues suggest this is not just Cabernet. The winery notes say Petite Sirah and Merlot were added. Very ripe blackberry and prominent vanilla, espresso, and wet leaf aromas, but with some odd though subtle grassy notes, give this an interesting nose. The concentrated palate develops more chocolate and is full bodied with low acidity. This wine strives to be plush but has a short finish for a cab, and almost no tannic structure. With significant residual sugar, it stops  short of syrupy but its dangerously close.

There is plenty of ripe flavor and is a good bargain if you find it under $10. If you enjoy jammy, fruit forward wines this will bring pleasure, but it’s a bit confected and the lack of structure limits its appeal.

Given the name, I would guess we’re supposed to think this is a wine to serve with meat. But the tannins are too soft to cut the fat of a steak and the bold flavors will overwhelm anything but barbecue.

Score: 86

Price: $8-$13

Alc: 13.8