broke assI must confess, sometimes when looking for that gem in the sea of cheap, undistinguished, mostly generic wine at the supermarket I will buy the label. The label is usually more distinctive than what’s in the bottle.

The label on this wine features a donkey with a bandage pasted on his rump and includes the message “bandage your budget” on the back. Give the winery credit for knowing its customers. Most of us can identify with being “broke ass”; that’s why we’re searching the bottom shelf. The wine is 50% Malbec and 50% Syrah with a simple but pleasing nose of dusty earth over black cherry and red plum. The palate is fruity up front with oak notes but turns thin and dry mid-palate with a finish of sour lemon. Medium plus acidity, low tannins, and meager fruit make this wine unbalanced. The sour finish is a deal killer. Even if you’re broke you can probably do better.

Fecovita is a large cooperative representing over 30 producers operating out of Mendoza.


Score: 82

Price $6

Alc: 13.5%