the thinkerPhilosophical discussions of food have seldom been recorded. But thanks to Slate.com, we can now listen in on real philosophers discussing eating? Here is Socrates summing up his long discussion with Thrasymachus on the ethics of picking out your favorite nuts from a snack mix.

There is only one true snack mix, the Great Snack Mix in the Sky, which flows endlessly through the vast trough of time. From that mix, every conceivable bite can be composed at once, and no ingredient is ever lacking.

But when we eat snack mix, as we have done here today, we partake not of that most pure mix, but of a particular representation of it. These representations may vary, but when we eat them, we are all seeking to know and taste that highest Form, that most delectable reality, the one true mix. Each snack mix experience is another step in the same endless journey, not a discrete moment in time independent of the others. As with any long voyage, some steps may bring you closer to your destination while others may bear less fruit, or pretzels. Some days you may arrive at a snack mix that has been cherry-picked to oblivion, but over time and with persistence, you’ll move ever closer to that Great Snack Mix in the Sky. Indeed, it is this most just pursuit of deliciousness that is the defining characteristic of the Eater.

It is comforting to know that when you pick out all the cashews you’re not robbing your friends and family of an experience, but contributing to the quest for deliciousness.

Aren’t you glad philosophers have been admitted to the conversation.