Budget Wine: V. No Malbec Mendoza 2011

v no malbecIt is estimated that about 40% of world-wide wine exports are shipped in bulk. The grapes are harvested and the wine made in its home country and then is put in huge 24,000 liter plastic bladders to be shipped across the world and bottled closer to where it will be sold. Shipping in bulk is cheaper and produces fewer carbon emissions than shipping in bottles. And it’s better for the wine too.   Bulk wine is less likely to experience temperature fluctuations because a single large volume of liquid will not change temperature as quickly as a small volume. Of course, who knows how many distinct labels will sell the very same wine—but who cares if it’s under $10. It’s generic wine.

Such is the case with the cutely-named V.No Malbec. Grapes harvested in Mendoza, bottled in Acampo California by Constellation Brands.

And in the end, it’s OK. Nondescript but pleasant and very drinkable. A murky nose with indistinct fruit and loam and without much intensity. But on the palate, plenty of dark fruit and allspice, very well balanced, round, medium bodied with soft tannins and  some prominent acidity on the finish that gives it zing. For a budget wine this is quite good, not a hair out of place, and unless you are an aroma hound very satisfying.

Score: 85

Price: $9

Alc: 13.5

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