fast food wineMany decades ago, as the result of our frantic, mobile lifestyles and general disregard for the quality of sensory experience, Americans gave up family dinners for fast food.

Today, several fast food operations—from Sonic to Chipotle–are trying to introduce alcoholic beverages because:

Fast Food CEOs seem to believe that Americans are increasingly interested in having a dining experience—not just a meal on the run—when they eat out, and this often includes the addition of alcohol.

So apparently we now no longer see fast food as, well, fast food—it has become a “dining experience”. What in the past was done solely for convenience becomes so familiar it acquires intrinsic value and so we now think sitting in a plastic booth eating mystery meat slathered with condiments sipping wine from a plastic cup is a “dining experience”.

It would really be a good thing if we stopped allowing CEO’s to define our “experience”