honoro veraGrenache is usually a blending grape in France, but across the border in Spain it is a standalone varietal producing rich, deeply concentrated wine, especially when sourced from the hillside vineyards of the hot, dry valley of the River Ebro from whence these old-vine grapes hail.

Winemaker Juan Gill is an illusionist with this wine. Concentrated dried strawberries, just short of raisins, with bright cherry aromas, herbs and smoked meat suggests big, sweet, and heavy. But the palate is polished and luscious, medium to full body, but lively and crisp with good acidity and just a hint of glycerin. Restrained tannins stay in the background for a short but spicy finish.

Subtly seductive and mercurial like an exotic dancer, you can’t do better for $10.


Score: 88

Price: $10

Alc: 14%