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la croixIf Bordeaux is going to reclaim its spot at the top of the wine world it will be on the strength of their less expensive wines. The classed growths are simply too expensive for most people to drink regularly. But if this Merlot-based wine from the highly regarded Pomerol region is an indicator, Bordeaux has a long way to go. There is none of the smooth plum and chocolate we expect from Pomerol.

The nose is promising with cherry peeking out from behind leather, cedar, and a little barnyard. There is enough complexity to hold your interest. But the palate is sour and rough. Meager in body with coarse tannins and tart fruit, this is a relentlessly unpleasant wine like sucking on a lemon laced with razor blades. It conjures images out of a Poe nightmare–grim-faced women in Victorian gothic dress holding court in creaking, shabby mansions over-run with cats. With every sip the image becomes more sharply defined. Time to stop drinking.

Shame on Trader Joe’s for selling this swill.


Score: 84

Price: $32

Alc: 13%