Budget Wine: Luna Pinot Grigio California 2012

luna pinot grigioPinot Grigio is not one of my favorite wines. In Italy, where most of it is produced, the grapes are harvested early to preserve acidity making a refreshing but simple wine with neutral flavors and little aroma. (In France, the same varietal is called Pinot Gris and is made in a more interesting style).

However, California vintners are giving the grapes more hang time and the result is a wine with more prominent aromatics though often sacrificing some crispness .

Luna’s Pinot Grigio manages to get the fruit/acid balance just right. This wine vibrates with racy acidity but provides plenty of charm and definition on the nose with pear notes and hints of apple giving way to a generous floral fragrance.

Light in body, the mineral core on the palate turns to lemon on the tart finish. It had me craving a good ceviche to pair it with.

A small percentage of Albarino and Chardonnay in the blend give this a lift.

At this price point you can’t do better. Buy this now and stock up for summer when you want a thirst quencher.

Score: 88

Price: $10

Alcohol: 14.1

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