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la boca malbecI’ve been on a cheap Malbec kick lately.

This one’s from Bronco wines. In style it contrasts sharply with the Bodega De Elena I reviewed last week.

Light ruby in color with just a hint of the purple hue typical of Malbecs. Vegetal notes rule the subdued nose with generic berry aromas perceptible beneath the surface. A hint of earth gives the nose what interest it has. Bright, fresh fruit on a light to medium body but it lacks the weight and roundness typical of Malbecs. The finish is short and watery, with tannins barely discernible. This is a more refreshing, playful wine that the Bodega De Elena but there is not a lot of flavor. Simple and inoffensive but nothing praiseworthy. Don’t pay more than $7.

Score: 81

Alcohol: 13.5%

Price: $6-$10.