finca lalande malbec There is something to be said for straightforward, sincere wines—no treacly fruit, no come on, no ostentatious show of power. Just well balanced,  elegant, refreshing quality. Wines from the team at Domaine Bousquet are always impressive for the price and this one is no exception.

Layers of smoky oak and earth envelop dark fruit; herbal notes sit quietly in the background. No flavor note is dominant, each has its rightful place. In the mouth, the wine undergoes a long, slow build to an intense mid-palate, buttressed by fresh acidity that leaves an impression of lightness and agility. The tannins will not satisfy the power hungry—there is length but it is soft driven more by acidity than tannic grip.

Made from organically-grown grapes that benefit from the low nighttime temperatures and luminosity available 4000 feet above sea level. A good bargain.

Price: $16

Alcohol: 14%

Score: 88/100