Qubani ka Meetha (an Indian dish similar to Apricot compote)
by Lady 8

News from the world of food and wine that you might have missed this week.

The U.S. is getting creative with ice cream.

In France a proposed new law may require restaurants to state whether their food is made from scratch or comes from a package.

Butter is back in favor; margarine not so much.

Salon publishes a takedown of that silly argument from Atlantic Monthly on the virtues of fast food.

The culprit in drug resistant staph infections may not be hospitals; it may be factory farms.

A key ingredient in olive oil may be effective in preserving old buildings.

An argument for why vegans ought to eat oysters.

Why some people like broccoli and other people hate it. It probably has to do with how its cooked.

Dining etiquette around the world.

Why the Champagne region is falling behind the rest of the world in sustainability.

The chef de cave for Moet & Chandon gives tips on pairing Champagne with food.