No. Wine Tasting is not Bullshit

bullshit I intended to write up a take down of this snarky piece of piffle called Wine Tasting is Bullshit. Yep. Another know-nothing talking about something he knows nothing about.

But I have stacks of papers to grade and blogging must be kept to a minimum until I’m finished. So I leave you in some other capable hands who will describe the errors in this bit of nonsense.

Blake Gray explains why it is worth talking about things we disagree about—like wine for instance.

And philosopher Barry Smith catalogs the numerous mistakes in the article and explains why the studies used to cast doubt on wine tasting don’t show what the author thinks they show.

I’ll be back to regularly scheduled blogging when these pearls of joyful wisdom that adorn my desk have been ranked, rated, reformulated, and returned.

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