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When we think of creativity in the kitchen, we usually have in mind the great master chefs such as Thomas Keller or René Redzepi. But there is plenty of innovation going on in homes throughout the world, and many of the signature dishes of great cuisines were invented by home cooks rather than professional chefs. Winchester Magazine’s feature on home cooks is inspiring and makes great reading.

Here are some of the innovative dishes this assortment of home cooks have come up with:

  • Snail salad.
  • “Drunken” turkey for Thanksgiving. “My turkeys are de-fatted, stuffed, and baked in covered and non-vented roasting pans and, every half-hour, they are basted with wine, usually about two bottles per turkey over the course of their cooking time.”
  • Chocolate pudding made with avocado and cherries
  • A cold corn-and-blueberry salad. “It’s an unexpected combination—flavored with diced jalapeño and honey and lots of fresh cilantro.”
  • Hickory-smoked Pirate’s Booty and cauliflower pizza.
  • Pork-and-pumpkin chili.

Creative to be sure. Good? Well I’m not sure about Pirate’s Booty (a popcorn and white cheddar snack food) and cauliflower pizza.

But the most important innovations are those ordinary people bring to ordinary life.