Amuse Bouche

pastry chef Caitlin Freeman’s Mondrian cake, inspired by modernist painting, takes two days to complete. Photo by Clay MacLachlan/Modern Art Desserts: Recipes for Cakes, Cookies, Confections, and Frozen Treats Based on Iconic Works of Art © 2013 Mondrian/Holttzman Trust

News from the world of food and wine that you might have missed this week.

Is natural wine (i.e. wine with minimal intervention in the winery) a fad or is it here to stay.

Restaurants are starting to serve more “extreme foods”, like glazed donut breakfast sandwiches, because they are catering to young males.

According to this article in the Atlantic, almost 500,000 children as young as 6 years old harvest 25% of the food we eat.

Do you like fresh eggs but don’t want chickens all year round. Rent-a-chicken.

How to age ale in wine barrels.

Curious about how restaurants deal with no-show diners?

If you’re headed out on a world tour, here is the amount of food $5 will buy you in various countries.

Check out the knife skills on this guy. 21 seconds to break down a watermelon.

A finger tripod, so you never have to touch the food you cook.

Why do people like to eat dangerous food?

San Diego coffee culture on NPR.

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