Halter Ranch Vin de Paille 2008

2009_vin-de-paille_th Wines made from grapes that have been dried on straw mats to concentrate the sugar are called Vin Santo—“Holy Wine”—in  Italy. Legend has it that a 14th Century monk miraculously healed the sick by giving them left over communion wine made in this style, hence the name.

Halter Ranch’s version of this wine is made, not from indigenous Italian varietals, but from a blend of Marsanne, Grenache, and Viognier and it was aged for 18 months in oak, not 3-5 years as many of the Italian versions are.

But it will make you feel better if you’re ill, and even if you’re not.

Apricot, butterscotch, and honey provide an aroma foundation on which subtle, lively floral notes play. Unctuous hazelnut joins the party on the palate. Sweet and full bodied but the finish is clean, crisp, and refreshing with plenty of mouthwatering acidity to provide backbone.

A dessert wine with balance and elegance, this will renovate your peach cobbler and reformulate your crème brûlée.

This is a very small production wine as far as I know available only at the winery. But it is great excuse to visit their winery on the West side of Paso and sample their roster of excellent wines and tour their lovely property.

Score: 92/100

Price: $35 (350 ml)

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