Amuse Bouche

HasselbackPotatoes__ (1)
Hasselback Potatoes from Cafe Sucre Farine

Stories from the world of food and wine that you might have missed this week.

There is evidence that chocolate improves brain function. But read to the end. You would have to eat 10-20 chocolate bars to get the effect discovered in the study.

Legal horse meat may be coming to the U.S

How to make your own cream cheese.

Why are Germans drinking less beer?

The post-quinoa grain of the week. Freekah.

Here is some good push back on the anti-tasting menu screed by Corby Kummer.

The latest weird cocktail trend—don’t drink it, inhale it.

Filipino spaghetti sauce? Add banana ketchup and hot dogs.

A study reveals 9 of 10 French wines have pesticide residues.

If you really want to know what is in processed food, here is a rundown.

How to cook Asian stir-fries on an electric stove.

How the food industry manipulates taste buds.

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