J. Bookwalter Foreshadow Merlot 2009 Columbia Valley

j bookwalter It is alleged that women are attracted to the strong, silent type, the reserved man who doesn’t feel the need to show off and lets his actions speak for him. There is probably more mythology than truth to that adage. But this Bookwalter Merlot reminds you of it.

The nose is shy. Nothing really jumps out of the glass, although the layers of black cherry and dusty earth are pleasant enough when accented by very subtle notes of mocha and baking spice.

It is the palate that makes this a star. Elegant and silky like the finest chocolate; mouth-coating without feeling heavy; lively and full of finesse as it evolves through the soft, flavorful medium-length finish, this is a very seductive, nicely balanced wine.

The refined tannins and pleasant, tangy acidity will leave you wanting more. It can be forgiven a little reticence on the nose, especially as it gains earthy substance when given some time and air.

The 14.8% alcohol is nicely masked. Deft use of oak adds complexity but never tastes woody. A stellar example of Washington State Merlot.

A nice match with an equally silky, elegant French Onion Soup.

Score: 90 points

Price: $28  A terrific value.

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