hans lang Riesling is my go-to grape. If you are serving a difficult food to pair and don’t have time to experiment, an off dry Riesling has the best chance of working. If you’re serving wine to newbie wine drinkers who think they don’t like whites, Riesling has the best chance of making an impression. If you want something refreshing but with plenty of flavor and interest, Riesling always satisfies. And (if you stay away from Auslese, beerenauslese, etc.) they are usually affordable.

This respectable off-dry Riesling (QbA) has just enough concentration to be interesting but not enough to be taken too seriously.

It shows off a pretty, tarragon-infused nose complemented by apricot, red apple, and floral notes. The soft, gentle mouthfeel is structured by good acidity and a short but flavorful finish. Residual sugar is modest and stays in the background leaving a crisp, refreshing overall impression.

This will pair with a variety of dishes from seafood to moderately-spiced Asian food, if not too sweet.

11% alcohol.

Good: Refreshing, versatile food wine

Bad: Lacks the kaleidoscope of dancing flavors characteristic of the best Rieslings

Distinctive: Tarragon-infused nose