Amuse Bouche

Red Velvet Brownies

News from the world of food and wine that you might have missed this week.

Here is a list of 5 things restaurants should never serve. I agree with all except the screed against adding ingredients to mac-n-cheese. I love apples in mac-n-cheese.

Should you want a vegan Big Mac, here is a recipe for how to make one. But should you want a vegan Big Mac?

And if you are wondering about what the best frozen pizza is, well, you should be drawn and quartered. But if you’re still wondering, here is Serious Eats take.

A dedicated Champagne enthusiast performs a quasi-scientific test of the hypothesis that temperature significantly effects the flavor of champagne. We knew that but it’s good to have confirmation.

According to this writer, craft beer is overtaking wine as the beverage of choice in San Francisco. Is this a fad or a secular trend?

Test your roots knowledge. No not about country music; roots as in tubers.

Scientists come up with a menu for the healthiest meal. It does not include bacon

An essay in praise of food nostalgia.

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