Recipe of the Week: Soy-Pickled Jalapenos


Like an insult that gets under your skin generating increasingly powerful waves of destructive anger, the slow burn of chilis can ruin a meal, building an inferno in the mouth that overwhelms every other flavor.

What you want is a slow burn that is composed, a little reticent, willing to play nicely with friends on the plate.

These chilis deliver it, and they are addicting. The soy and sugar moderate the heat just enough so you can pop these in your mouth anytime you want, or throw them in a stir-fry, serve as a condiment for grilled meat, almost anything.

Their versatility comes from their origin as banchan—one of the assorted small dishes of spicy (mostly) vegetables served before or during the Korean meal. They function as an appetizer, a condiment for the main dish, or as a palate cleanser between courses, and some of the most elaborate Korean meals consist of nothing but banchan.

There are as many versions of this recipe as there are Korean cooks. This recipe uses jalapenos, which are very similar to the Korean chili and more available in the U.S.

The recipe is here.

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