Honero%20Vera%20MonastrellSometimes a little vanity can be beneficial if it gives someone the confidence to punch above his weight. This $8 prodigy has the swagger of a wine 3 times the price.

Of course, I’m in the tank for Mourvedre (called Monestrell in Spain). Maybe I’m letting my preferences interfere with a just assessment, but it  has been awhile since I’ve had a cheap wine with this much depth.

Black cherry with integrated smoked meat and hints of dill on the nose.The palate begins with ripe fruit but evolves to a very tight focus on licorice that persists through the medium length finish. Dusty tannins provide a layer of texture to carry the flavor forward without becoming distracting.

Rugged, serious, and pensive, yet polished and spirited, this is very nicely done with no discernible heat despite the 15% alcohol.

Good: Depth and structure

Bad: At this price any complaint would be gratuitous

Distinctive: Enormous quality to price ratio

Price: $8-$10