Amuse Bouche

burmese restaurant workers
Burmese Restaurant Workers by Photojournalist Steve McCurry

News from the world of food and wine that you might have missed this week.

100% of adults surveyed think the type of spirit you consume effects the kind of drunk you’re on. 100% of scientists disagree. Booze is booze.

New trends and fads in the restaurant world include restaurant-owned oyster farms, drinking vinegars, and appetizer beers. But which is likely to have staying power? My guess is another trend–the use of alternative cuts of meat like pork shoulder and goat. It’s about time restaurants caught up with home cooks.

Here is a must-see movie devoted to–competitive butter sculpting?

New evidence suggests that restricting calories doesn’t help monkeys live longer. I guess even monkeys get depressed and suicidal when they can’t eat.

Bryant’s in Kansas City makes the best Bar-B-Q I’ve ever eaten. Here’s a video from an up-and-comer challenging the old guard.

The great debate continues. Is bourbon better in its youth or when aged?

For Labor Day Bar-B-Quers who live in apartments, here are three devices that allow you to smoke meat indoors. You always wanted your home to smell like a smokehouse. And don’t forget to disconnect the fire alarm.

For avid locavores and foragers, here is a recipe for a lovely grilled squirrel kissed by flavors of lemon and thyme. Skinning instructions included.

The latest food craze sweeping Japan—powdered rice inoculated with an umami-filled fungus as a replacement for salt. Will shio koji cross the Pacific? Innovative restaurants are already experimenting.


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