Care About Food? Care About This

I don’t want to ruin anyone’s weekend, but if you care about food (and wine) you should find this disturbing:

More than half of the continental United States is currently suffering through the worst drought in 50 years, with heat and a lack of rain rippling through the middle of the country. Crops are wilting, soils are cracked, and some dried-out forests are catching fire. U.S. corn production in particular is dwindling.

Things look bad for the corn harvest (Scott Olson/Getty)

So is this a glimpse at our hotter, drier future? It appears so. While severe dry spells can (and do) occur naturally, some recent U.S. droughts have been linked to the broad-scale warming of the planet. And if greenhouse gas emissions keep rising and temperatures keep ticking upward, scientists say, we can likely expect more serious and persistent droughts in the years ahead. Here’s what we know about our potentially parched future:

Read the rest for the gory details.

But until a certain party is run out of Washington it looks like we won’t be doing much about it.

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