Amuse Buche

News items you might have missed this week, some amusing, some not so much:

  • Pinotage is one of the less understood grapes. Here is an informative article by the Academic Wino
  • Jackfruit is a revelation—a wonderful, unique taste form Southeast Asia. It is hard to find but there is a movement afoot to ramp up imports.
  • Only in France would a baking competition be a big deal. But next week is Coupe du Monde de la Boulangerie—the World Series of baking. And the U.S. has a entry in the competition. Matt Zakowski who sells his bread from a small stand in Sonoma.
  • As the price of the best wines skyrockets, the problem of fake wines becomes more serious. Here is a comprehensive summary of the issue.
  • The Umami Throwdown.   Miso is compared to Parmesan Cheese and according to Mark Bittman, Miso is more versatile. Discover some interesting things to do with miso.
  • The taste of wet stones? Here is an excellent discussion of minerality in wine
  • Everything you need to know about olive oil. What to look for, where to buy it, etc.

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