Amuse Bouche

News items you might have missed this week, some amusing, some not so much:

  • The Anxiety of Influence. Molecular gastronomy expert Grant Achatz, in his new restaurant called Next, is serving up dishes by the man who started it all—Ferran Adria.  Check out the slide show.
  • Edible Helium Balloon. Despite the travails of opening a new restaurant, Achatz has lost none of his experimental elan. Here is a video in which he makes an edible helium balloon.
  • Are local food sources more friendly to the environment? Not necessarily, claims Jason Clay.
  • This needs explaining. It really does. “Gourmet” pet food has been around a long time. But lobster consommé? Have these people ever watched a dog eat?
  • The Taste of Austerity. Italy’s recession is forcing Italians to seek out dishes using offal and stale bread.
  • Zagat’s 10 signs of a bad restaurant.

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