Vino Viva Voce: Finca Lalande Cabernet Sauvignon 2009

Inexpensive but vibrant and interesting. The first impression of this Argentinian Cabernet is of finely focused black current wrapped in a background of black cherry, with hints of smoke and dust if allowed to aerate, giving way to a mid-palette dancing with unusal minerality. Tannins are soft and muted by acidity so the flavor profile begins to collapse on the relatively short finish. Neither big nor powerful, it is clarity of fruit and refreshing minerality that makes this wine distinctive. It reminds me of the ebullient 18 yr. old art student with sharply etched opinions who immediately attracts your attention as you hope, perhaps in vain, for profound insight. A steal for under $10.00.

Made from organic grapes harvested in the Tupingato Valley of Mendoza, Argentina, this is a second-label wine of Domaine Jean Bousquet.

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