challis lane merlotWe are all familiar with the type: reliable, competent, pleasant, polished, not a hair out of place, but unremarkable, with little to say, unoriginal, exceedingly ordinary in every way. There is much to be said in favor of such a person—they make a reliable  co-worker, a good neighbor, an affable acquaintance.

This Challis Lane Merlot reminds me of such a person. Cherry with underlying earth tones and a hint of vanilla that make a pleasant nose. Soft and fruity, smooth and polished on the palate, with just enough dusty tannins to remind you you’re drinking wine. Certainly not interesting, but there is nothing distracting, or unpleasant either—a likable quaffer when you need something that goes down easily.

Score: 85

Price:  $10 at Bevmo but usually in their 5-cent sale

Alc. 13.5